Letters of Recommendation

When hiring a private investigator, the most critical elements are integrity, competency, and results.   As a Special Investigator for Chubb Insurance for 20 years, I relied heavily on private investigators to conduct surveillance at my request.  I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  Anthony is one of the really good ones.  I worked with Anthony for several years prior to my retirement, first when he was with a large firm and later when he opened Spearhead Investigations.  It has always been my belief that the quality of investigation obtained is directly related to the competency and integrity of the investigator in the field.  All the sales and marketing tactics in the world mean nothing once It’s time for the ‘real’ work to be done. 

Over the years, Anthony has demonstrated with consistency his passion for his work, his dedication, his integrity and competency.  I have never questioned any results (or non-results) Anthony has reported to me.   Anyone who knows this business knows that there are times when a surveillance will fail to document activity on the part of the subject.  The critical question is whether we can rely on that report of inactivity or do we need to wonder if the investigator missed something.  With Anthony, there is never a doubt that his report is accurate.

Anthony’s video is always of excellent quality.  His reports are clear and concise.  He takes his work very seriously and has oftentimes gone ‘above and beyond’ to confirm his results.  I am proud to recommend Anthony/Spearhead Investigations as a top-quality surveillance operative.

-Susan B. Cox-  Retired Chubb SIU/WC Investigator

 Anthony Ramos is by far the most genuinely good person I have personally ever dealt with.  He specializes in  surveillance but we contacted him when our 15yr daughter went missing.  We are from Texas and was only there visiting on a long weekend and she was just gone in the morning when we woke up on day 2.  He was genuinely concerned and offered to help anyway he could.  After only a couple hrs he had police searching leads in other states and became emotionally involved in finding her.  He spent the next several days tracking leads and wound up 4 hrs away in southern Florida where he tracked and followed several people and had my wife meet him down there to contact local authorities.  My daughter was found in the closet of an adult child predator and had spent 6 days in unspeakable conditions.  I truly believe that if it were not for the caring nature and true concern of Mr. Ramos we may have never seen our daughter again.  He refused payment from the very beginning and was tearfully relieved to have found her.  I am convinced that he is my daughters guardian angel and will forever hold a spot in our hearts.  He is a selfless child of god if I've ever seen 1.  Thank you again Mr. Ramos! We are forever in your debt!

-Frank Bradford-


I have known Anthony Ramos for over 15 years and have found that he is one of the most ethical and trustworthy individuals I have even met.  He is not only dedicated to his profession but possesses the skills necessary to perform top notch investigations.  Anthony is a true professional and the quality of his investigations speak for themselves.  I highly recommend Spearhead Investigations to meet your investigative needs.

-Robert Fenster-   Former Private Investigator Supervisor


I am an attorney in Illinois and have been in private practice for over forty years.  I've often used outside services to help with my cases. Mr. Ramos, of Spearhead Investigations accomplished the surveillance and background check that I needed in Ocala, FL promptly and his reports perfectly outlined the information we needed for our pending litigation.  Spearhead's fees were also very reasonable and low considering the amount of info provided.  He also made an effort to keep me updated by phone as his work progressed.  Highly recommend this agency.

-Attorney Robert M Finch-


I have known Mr. Anthony Ramos for over 20 years, in my professional opinion, as a sergeant at the sheriff's office, he was always honest and truthful and completed any task given to him100% when he was working at the sheriff's office.  He was well liked by the other officers.  I also hired him on personal confidential matters, in which he kept a professional and kept the results from being disseminated to others.  This past year he was hired by the HOA to do some investigator work. He not only completed the job satisfactorily, he exceeded our expectations for the Board of Directors of the HOA. As I know he really enjoys his job and is very professional.

-Eugene Fodor-  Retired Sergeant    Marion County Sheriff Department


I began working with Anthony in December 2016 and have been extremely impressed with his professionalism, dependability, knowledge and results as an investigator. 

He’s truly one of the best investigators I know. 

-Teresa Simpson-


I worked at Claims Verification Inc. a nationwide investigative agency from 1995 to 2018.  During that time, I worked with Anthony for approximately 15 years.  We worked several two-man insurance claims investigations together, many of which resulted in settlements.  His consistency in conducting high quality investigations helped rank him amongst the best investigators in the Tampa, Florida office. 

-Michael Angotti-