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 Spearhead Investigations is a provider of surveillance and investigative services, spearheading each investigation in efforts to reduce potential fraud or misrepresentation within insurance claims and to uncover infidelity and extra marital affairs across the state of Florida.

All of our private investigators are either prior military, law enforcement or senior investigators licensed in the State of Florida and represent many years of experience in the field of private investigations.

At Spearhead Investigations, we work diligently on our client’s cases providing integrity, competency and results. Our experience will help you get results while being discreet and accurate. 



  • Surveillance – Surveillance is conducted over an extended period, during which continuous observation can yield video documentation of the subject's activities. Spearhead Investigations uses high definition video equipment and provides immediate video evidence.

  • Activity Checks - Activity checks can develop information and determine if surveillance is required. Activity checks typically include database searches and neighborhood canvasses, which develop background information regarding a subject.

  • Widow, Wellness & Disability Checks - Utilized as an additional tool for clients to process long-term and ongoing claims.

  • Recorded Statements - Recorded interviews are normally conducted in person or telephonically with witnesses or subjects.

  • Accident / Job Sites - Interviews with persons having knowledge of an incident and obtaining photos of an accident scene, including vehicles and machinery.

  • Infidelity, extra marital affairs & Child Custody - To uncover deception and infidelity in relationships. We will document all activities, places visited, and also identify who they meet with. 

  • Child Custody - We can follow your spouse during the scheduled visitation to determine possible unlawful or improper activity during the time your child is in their care or to confirm that court orders are being adhered to.