Florida Private Investigators

Spearhead Investigations, LLC, is a provider of surveillance and investigative services, focusing on spearheading each investigation in efforts to reduce potential fraud or misrepresentation within insurance claims and to uncover deception and infidelity in relationships. 

Spearhead Investigations was founded in January 1, 2016 by Investigator Anthony Ramos. The name Spearhead derives from the US Army 3rd Armored Division Spearhead, the division Investigator Ramos served during the first Persian Gulf War Desert Storm.  Investigator Ramos is the CEO and lead investigator for Spearhead Investigations and he takes pride as being a top and lead investigator within the state of Florida. 

Investigator Anthony Ramos began his career as a Private Investigator in March 15, 2001 and has over eighteen years experience in the claims investigations industry as a Surveillance and SIU Investigator.  Investigator Ramos has proven to be a top Investigator within some of the largest and leading companies in the industry. In 2013 Investigator Ramos was selected as a Top Gun Investigator.  Throughout his career he has been recognized for his tenacity and for maintaining a high video percentage that resulted in high case resolution or settlement.

At Spearhead Investigations, we work diligently on our client’s cases providing integrity, competency and results.  Our experience will help you get results while being discreet and accurate. 

Spearhead Investigations is a veteran owned business.  Investigator Ramos served five and a half years in the US Army as an Infantry soldier.  He served in the first Persian Gulf War Desert Storm.  Investigator Ramos also has over five years experience working in the criminal justice field, including his local Sheriff Department and the Federal Government.